Missing Piece Replenishing Service

Welcome to the Tenyo Missing Piece Replenishing Service Online. Using this Missing Piece Request Form, you can request replenishment of a piece which has been missing or lost. Please read the following instructions carefully before proceeding to the request form.
※It may take longer to send pieces during New Year and other holiday seasons.
※This service does not apply to jigsaw puzzles purchased second-hand at an auction, flea market or thrift store.

  • Please have the service card, included in your jigsaw puzzle, at hand.

    The Service Card included in your Tenyo Jigsaw Puzzle package contains information necessary for making your request. Make sure to have it ready to fill up the request form.

    The "Manufacturing number" (i.e., manufacturing period) of your Tenyo Jigsaw Puzzle, that is printed on the Service Card, is very important. We need to know the exact Manufacturing number of your jigsaw puzzle in order to ensure that the piece we send will perfectly fit with precision, as products from different manufacturing periods slightly differ from one another.

    What to do if you have lost your service card

  • The maximum number of pieces you can request for a jigsaw puzzle is 3.

    We ask for your understanding and cooperation to help us cater to the needs of as many customers as possible with a limited number of jigsaw puzzles in stock.

Before requesting a piece....

  • Firstly, please complete as much of the jigsaw puzzle as possible!

    Sometimes people think that a piece is missing, only to find it as they are finishing the puzzle.

  • Please take a good look around the area where you are doing the puzzle.

    People often find pieces in unexpected places, such as in the crevices of sofas, under a rug or in a cuff.

Requesting a piece online

Select [Domestic] to receive your piece(s) at a domestic Japan address; for any addresses outside Japan, select [Overseas].



Requesting a piece with the service card

Post the service card after filling out all the required fields.

What to do if you have lost your service card

We will look for a similar piece, so please post the following.

Puzzle pieces (the pieces required may differ depending on the product)

  • Jigsaw puzzles in general

    The piece in the bottom left-hand corner of the puzzle

    Remove 8 pieces surrounding the missing piece and tape the back of them to keep them together.

    Note for Stained Art Jigsaw Puzzles: Place the pieces in an envelope without taping them since the picture may come off when the tape is removed.


  • Children's jigsaw puzzles

    The piece in the bottom left-hand corner of the puzzle

    One piece to the left of the missing piece (one piece to the right of the missing piece if there is no piece to the left)

  • Children's puzzles and JIGAZO puzzles

    We are unable to accept requests for replacement of pieces for these puzzles. Please accept our apologies.

    Due to the nature of these puzzles, it is difficult to accurately identify information about the pieces and the manufacturing date without the service card. We therefore cannot send these pieces.

A memo with the following information

  • Product name
  • Item No.
  • Total number of pieces
  • Location of the missing piece (e.g. xth row from the left, xth row from the top)
  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number

Mailing address

Place the relevant puzzle pieces and the memo with the completed information in an envelope and post it to the following address.

Service Center, Tenyo Ltd.
2-8-11 Sengoku, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-8389, Japan